Yacht Management

In 1983 Palma Maritime started as a pure charter company. But over years, we have been dedicating ourselves more and more onto the management, care and servicing of privately owned yachts. It has now been our core business for the last 14 years. We purely focus on sailing yachts, although have ventured to the dark side once or twice (motor yachts). 

Currently, we have the following yachts in our care:

  • Oyster 625
  • Oyster 62
  • Contest 60CS
  • Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS
  • Bali 5.4 Catamaran
  • Rapido 50 trimaran
  • Beneteau 50 Sense
  • Oyster 46
  • X-Yachts – Xc45
Oyster 46, resprayed in Royal Blue. Part of a major overall refit.

The yacht management, services and care means for you as a yacht owner, that you have the peace of mind that Palma Maritime looks after your yacht all year round. We organise the yearly maintenance, adjustments, repairs, upgrades and refits. Where we differ from other management companies, is that we do not have several “handy men” in our employ, but we act as project leader on your behalf and get the right specialist for the job. We have a sound network of mechanics, electricians, sail makers, carpenters, boat yards, painters and varnishers, etc. And with our good knowledge of the local market, we always try and get the best deal for you.

Depending on what has been agreed, we regularly clean your yacht, run systems, move sea cocks, check the batteries are charged, the mooring is secured, all fenders are in good shape, rinse the toilets, air the yacht, etc and in case of forecasted bad weather we may choose to put extra lines and or fenders in place. The marina where your boat is can always notify if problems occur.

(Oyster 625, complete respray of hull, new antifouling, engine and generator overhaul)

If you wish, we prepare your yacht before your arrival, so she is ready for you to set sail. And when you leave, we clear everything up for you, clean the yacht and have the laundry done for you too. All this so you can enjoy your time on board to the fullest.

Palma Maritime also offers sales- or purchasing support of yachts. Owners who want to sell their yacht, will always know that with our key-control, there are no issues with visiting brokers and their prospect clients. We always know who goes on board and when. But also when you wish to purchase another or new yacht, we can support you with our extensive knowledge of yachts, new or second hand, production or custom built and find you the yacht that best suits your wishes.

(Rapido 50 trimaran, commissioned and sea-trialed by Palma Maritime)

A list of the various yachts we have or have had in our care:

Monohulls: Oyster 66, Oyster 655, Oyster 62, Oyster 575, Oyster 56, Oyster 55, Oyster 54, Oyster 49, Oyster 46, Hallberg Rassy 48, Hallberg Rassy 46, Hallberg Rassy 42F, Contest 62cs, Contest 46, Moody 54, Moody 45, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43DS, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40, Beneteau 57, Beneteau 50, Beneteau 50 Sense, Beneteau 473, Beneteau 411, Feeling 39, Hanse 540e, Hanse 531, Hanse 470, Dufour 500, Dufour 485, Belliure 35, Mason 44, Squadron 58, Currican Llaut 42; Majoni 45 LLaut.

Catamarans: Privilege 585, Catana Bali 5.4, Lagoon 45, Fountain Pajot 44

Trimarans : Rapido 50

For more information about Yacht Management, Service and or Care Taking please contact Marco at: office@palmamaritime.com or +34 629 743 076